for the longest time, I was sleeping on podcasts. I lacked interest in listening to them because all the ones I’ve given chances to use the same keywords in every sentence: audience, instagram, UI, value, attention, etc. this was a strange misconception based on podcasts I’ve previously listened to.

what do you do when you wanna relax without feeling like you’re wasting your time away? For me, in the next month, It will be listening to a new podcast. One every day. I believe the toughest aspects of this will be finding time, as well as retaining interest if i don’t like the podcast for that day. Maybe I’ll limit my exposure to each one to 10 minutes or so? We’ll see how it goes.

podcasts I have listened to at least partially are design details, crime junkie, call her daddy, joe rogan experience, kraig adams podcast, and that creative life. These podcasts will be excluded from the month.

the garyvee audio experience

the garyvee experience - how to figure out who you really are

Let’s start the month strong with arguably the biggest podcast behind Joe rogan experience and call her daddy, the GaryVee Experience. I’ve been following gary since his wine library days. I hope to not be disappointed by this one.

I was expecting the standard podcast style, however this was an audio recording of one of his keynotes. “i had no money at 33-years-old so much so that I didn’t even get our own office cause I wanted to save money. when you’re successful and you’re giving advice, people are like ‘easy for you to say.’ you’re right, easy for me to say cause i fuckin lived it.”

over my dead body

Over My Dead body - more wicked than a bobcat

despite reading apple’s description of this podcast, I was confused about what it was about because The host immediately jumps into a storyline without context or anything. By the end of the episode, the host informs the audience that it is a part of a series. I hand’t realized that, which explains why it jumped right into a story.

the format of the podcast is a mix of what sounds like the host reading a book to school children and audio clips of guests who were involved in the stories giving insights on the story. This is not a podcast I will be coming back to because the style of storytelling isn’t for me.

ologies with allie ward

ologies - cabinology with dale mulfinger

Ologies is a talk between host Allie Ward and an -ologist. Professionals who study volcanos, trees, drunk butterflies, death, anxiety, beer, bee drama. As the podcast describes, Allie “asks smart people stupid questions”. The episode I chose was about cabins, because who doesn’t love cabins? The guest, Dale Mulfinger, is a cabin architecht, or cabinoligist, in Minnesota. They talk about what a cabin is, where they are, how they are different from lodges or cottages, and more.

cabin porch with chairs and firewood

i found this episode really interesting. I like that this podcast isn’t just about one thing, but many topics. I definitely subscribed and will start listening on a regular basis.

ten percent happier with dan harris

ten percent happier - can meditation prolong your life?

the episode was an interview with peter attic, who is the founder of attic medical, PC, a medical practice focusing on the applied science of longevity. I wasn’t able to find any value in it and I fount the conversation to be dull. I was looking for something to do while listening to it because of my lack of interest. The unedited parts where someone can’t gather their thoughts feels like wasted time to me and I dislike that. I quit listening 41 minutes into the 51 minute episode.

bards town by vault studios: badge 139

bardstown - badge 139

The most beautiful small town in america is the site of five unsolved murders since 2013. I listened to episode “badge 139” about bardstown police officer jason ellis who was ambushed and murdered while heading home from work.

ellis had just finished his shift around 2 a.m. on may 25, 2013 and was headed home. while exiting a highway, he stopped on a ramp to clear off tree debris that police say was deliberately placed there. ellis was shot and killed at 33-years-old.

sergeant Michael Medley says whoever did it kew about the ramp providing good cover, and knew jason’s route and time of travel home. Medley speculates multiple killers is likely, they are male and locals who have gun experience from hunting. Some of the public speculates that ellis was killed by one or more fellow officers.

i found the story to be interesting and the episode was a storyline created from multiple people who knew jason. The podcast was great at grabbing my attention from the beginning and holding that throughout the episode. I clicked subscribe.

the ground up show

the ground up show - overcoming anxiety

the ground up show is a podcast by matt d’avella, his most known work being the producer of the documentary “minimalism”. Matt sits down with creatives to discuss their process, struggles, and how to make an impact. I picked the episode “overcoming anxiety,” with co-founder of wandering aimfully, Caroline Zook, to hopefully help myself out.

In the first half of the episode, the two talk about how anxiety affects their lives. I did not find any meaningful thoughts through it that I could highlight. Because I like matt’s videos about minimalism, I will probably eventually give his podcast another chance in the future.


lore - unnoticed

this episode of Lore tells the story of a man who married nearly 60 (yes, 60) women who had money so that he could steal from them and poison them with arsenic.

the episode felt like the host was reading off a piece of paper, which I strongly dislike. It’s too distracting when I want to listen to what is being said rather than how it’s being read. or perhaps it’s the background elevator music that I dislike? either way, I will not be subscribing to this one.

eater's digest

eater’s digest - food at the movies

i chose this podcast because food is amazing and I predicted this would be a quirky episode. the episode opens with one of the hosts telling the weird foods he sneaks into movie theaters (five or six at a time): mini pickles, olives, smoked fish, and other weird pungent snacks.

The host talks with a movie theater restaurant directors about how they choose foods to serve and the best things to eat. Just a random thought, In this podcast, I realized how badly commercials are shoehorned into episodes. It’s so unnatural. I listened to the first half of the podcast and then skipped around through the second half. It wasn’t a bad podcast, but it’s not good enough for a subscription.

up and vanished

up and vanished - stay on the trail

well, i’ve almost made it ten days. this has been an interesting experiment so far. i haven’t learned as much as i imagined, just because so far these haven’t necessarily been informational podcasts. It’s still been fun though.

I wanted to make this post a little more about my experience rather than the podcast itself. That’s what my intention was to do initially, but I got used to explaining the episode. I really wasn’t wanting to listen today, but I did and eventually just tuned it out due to lack of interest. The podcast grabbed my attention with the first twenty or so seconds and then lost it. blah.


culpable - trust the process

Well, this time I wasn’t exactly looking forward to a new podcast, which is pretty discouraging. It is possibly because some of the ones I’ve listened to so far haven’t been what I was hoping they would be like. i listened to only the first half of this episode.


Well, there it went. I missed a day. I honestly just not in the mood to listen to another podcast. When starting them, I have an expectation that they will be unlikable. i am the same way with movies.


spooked - the watcher

I really loved the sound effects that play as the story is told.

i think what i’ve discovered most is about myself, that i don’t enjoy listening to podcasts. the reason for that, is i believe in part because you have to find a time to sit down and listen to it. it’s not something you can passively listen to in the background, it’s not something you can listen to while driving to work. you need to set a dedicated amount of time for each episode or you’re missing out. I’m only 12 days in and looking forward to not having to make time for this every day.


i will update this after listening to the episode (Oct. 13).