kylethale logo on pencils
kylethale on gradient

I have designed the above logo and identity for this exact freelance graphic design business. Starting from scratch, the main intention was to differentiate myself from the competition. What's the competition? Freelance graphic designers in the Minneapolis area. So what is the differentiating factor? A well-thought out identity. Rather than the common merging of the designer's initials, we need something a bit more complex, something with hidden meanings, yet it must remain simple.

By sketching out ideas, I have played with the concept of overlapping letters. That's when a final shined through: all three initials of my name merged in a single strong icon. Had you not noticed, all three letters are there: the K, the T, and a bit more abstract H. All measured out perfectly for a refreshing look.

Although I will not explore exact spacing, measurement, or whitespace requirements here, they are strongly implemented throughout the logo and branding.

logo grid
Color Palette
kylethale Uni Neue Font
letterhead template

letterhead template

business card
business card
kylethale shirt
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