i’ve seen so many people struggle with soda addiction, especially the diet ones, so i have significantly limited the amount of soda i consume, but that’s not saying i’m not drinking it. it’s not easy to simply quit, but i am giving up soda and sugar drinks for one month.

why do this? sugary drinks increase the risk of chronic heart disease, increase the chance of heart attack, increase blood pressure, lead to impaired learning, memory, and behavior. drinking soda can cause the same amount of tooth erosion as that of a meth or crack cocaine addict (for real). consuming these beverages can increase your risk of kidney disease and ultimately kidney failure, soda cans contain bpa, which increases risk for breast cancer, prostate cancer, metabolic disorders, and diabetes. And the final reason I’m going to cite is people who drink sugar beverages have a higher risk of dying sooner due to smaller protective parts of DNA.