1 week in a car

Live out of my car for one week. idea inspired by Jake Wettern.


✓ minimalism game

Straight from the minimalists, get rid of one thing on the first day of the month. Two things on the second. Three things on the third. So forth and so on through one month.


365 jeans

Wear one pair of Flint & Tinder’s jeans every day for 365 days.


adventure day

how many outdoor events can I fit into one day? Thinking along the lines of sunrise walk, trail run, mountain bike ride, rock climbing, sunset photo walk, etc.


weird certifications

Get certified in some weird things, like one of these.


lunch break travel

Once the clock begins, shoot for distance while still trying to make it back to work in time.


a year of experiments

Complete a 30 day experiment for every month of the year. For example, do not eat sugar for the month of January, then meditate every day for the month of February, and so on throughout the year. idea inspired by Matt D'Avella.


warner bros day

warner bros. was the pioneers through the golden age of cartoons. They need to be recognized for the hours of incredible entertainment they’ve created. Screw the Price is Right, I need to watch their shows through an entire sick day.


adopt a bear

symbolically adopt my favorite animal, a bear (either a grizzly or black bear).


stupid law criminal

break as many stupid laws as possible in one day. idea from vice.


lost at work

Sneak out of work, ride a rollercoaster, and make it back with no questions or firing involved. idea inspired by Delbert Shoopman (who is okay with publicly taking credit).



The typical spontaneous weekend roadtrip.