value of design

The logo, identity, and visual look of your brand is the face of your business. It sets the mood. It determines how people will view, gauge, and react to your business. There is no denying that this is important when building brand awareness and strong consumer relationships. Because I want you to be successful, I will not be pressured into giving a meaningless quote.


varying factors

So, how much? I am unable to provide an almost instant quote without knowing anything about you or your needs. You wouldn’t ask an architect to tell you how much it would cost to design a house after only a few words. Instead, you provide the architect with information, house styles, ideas, sizes, thoughts and price ranges before getting anywhere near knowing the exact cost. It’s pretty much the same for graphic design projects.

Many designers feel pressure and uncertainty when asked about logo pricing. If they are desperate for work, or are afraid of losing a client because of high prices, they feel obligated to offer a discount without knowing anything about the client or their needs. This destroys the designer’s confidence, morals, and self-worth. For these reasons, and because I want you to be successful, I will not be pressured into giving a meaningless quote. I can show what I am capable of doing, estimated prices, and explain the value of design, but ultimately, it is your choice to decide if your brand is worth it or not. It is not my responsibility to determine your budget.

Maybe you’re not willing to invest a significant amount of money into your visual identity. That’s understandable; I am more than willing to discuss your options and help lead you onto a path that will satisfy your needs.

I am not at all suggesting that clients with small budgets should be ignored. I would be happy to work with small businesses. I would never expect them to know the value of design, because I don’t know the value of, say, architects. In fact, I’m sure I initially would be shocked and turned away by their ultimately reasonable prices.



I feel that the things I am not capable of should be transparent to you. I cannot promise you a successful brand; a brand is created in the eye of the consumer. I cannot promise you a 2-4 day project; most projects are a process of research and evolution. If you need a logo for your business within 48 hours, I doubt I can help. I cannot compete with various firms who create free or cheap design; they do not have the same level of passion, nor do they put in a reasonable level of research.


getting started

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