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The U.S. government is forcing Apple to create software that hacks into iPhones, and Apple is refusing to do it. Apple accuses the government of using terrorism to play on the public’s emotions.

Apple iPhone on bed

Apple accuses the government of breaking the tech giant’s first and fifth amendment rights under the Constitution. The company says that being forced to write software that undermines its values of security and privacy is a violation of Apple’s right to free speech. Apple says by doing so, the government is forcing Apple to express the government’s view of security and privacy instead of Apple’s views.

Apple also accuses the government of violating its fifth amendment right. Apple says the government’s demands violate Apple’s right to be free from arbitrary deprivation of it’s liberties by forcing Apple to develop software that undermines the security of it’s own products.

When questioned about supporting terrorism, Apple said that protecting the security and privacy of customers outweighs the danger of an unknown possible terrorist attack. Apple says it is looking for more secure methods to prevent the government and Apple itself from accessing locked iPhones and well as iCloud data.

Please sign this petition to support Apple: We The People.