Since I’ve been away due to my radial head fracture, I feel in the mood to share some quite random musings that have been running through my mind lately.

  • Cold showers - I’ve always loved and only ever taken hot showers, however one day while in the shower, I progressively turned it colder and colder without really thinking about it. It felt better and better the more I turned it down. It felt amazing. I absolutely loved it and ever since have been taking cold showers. I start with about room temperature and slowly - or quickly dependent on how I’m feeling - adjust it to colder water. This comes shortly after watching Matt D’Avella’s cold showers for 30 days video, so perhaps his experiment had influence on my decision?

  • Limiting apps - For years, my phone has been hoarding apps I didn’t use along with the apps I did use. I would find myself making excuses a hoarder makes, like “I might need this someday” and “I’ll look into this later.” I found myself doing this often, and then when I started going minimalist, I started removing apps and shying away from that sort of mindset and now I’m down to a minimal amount. I am however thinking of quitting the big and evil Facebook. I’ve gone through my account and found all the websites I log into using Facebook. I’ve modified those to instead log in with my email. I very regularly question its purpose if I’m not finding joy in it.

  • I’ve mostly been active on Twitter and Instagram lately. I love Instagram despite it being owned by Facebook. I find the stories feature to be really fun, with the ability to “highlight” them. I’ve been creating a new highlight for each month and saving my stories to them for archival purposes. I’m sure there’s no real reason, but it’s something fun to do. Hey, isn’t this the opposite of minimalism?

  • NF just released the album The Search and I’ve had it on repeat since. It’s crazy how the dude tops himself with every album. He’s coming here on September 28th, so if anyone is interested in going, shoot me a message. And if you have it, I’d love to become friends on Apple Music.

  • waking up early, during the 6 o clock hour is not something I’ve been wanting to do, but it’s been happening. I woke up early once and my Body likes to force adjustments even though it doesn’t do them well. So ever since then, I’ve been waking up at the same time and unable to fall back asleep. I’m hoping to see a change with this soon, but if anybody has some tips, i’m all ears.