moving on from adobe


I started with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I pretty much taught myself everything I know using the programs by clicking around them and experimenting, playing with tools that I didn't have a clue what they were.

Adobe later switched to a subscription price model. Despite the higher cost without any real innovation, I followed. I started to think this was it. There wouldn't ever be anything better than Photoshop, better than Illustrator, or anything better than InDesign. I started to see the downfall of thier success with startups like Sketch. I was stuck with them because they're by far the number one industry leader without the slightest doubt.

But they were still getting worse and worse every year. I started to see programs not working together. Programs not sharing the same keyboard shortcuts. Programs not improving in the slightest. I hate to be that person, but how is this acceptable in professional grade software at a premium price? It's not, but we're forced to accept it anyway because there's no alternative. There's no competition, so you're served shit and you have to take it. I'm not trashing Adobe, I'm just stating two facts: firstly, they had no competition and it shows and secondly, they've become comfortable with staying stagnant. They've found a safe space and they're afraid to explore beyond it.

Well, some months back, I come across a company called Serif, who creates a suite of software called Affinity. A one time payment of $50 per program gives you lifetime access to updates. That is not a typo. $50 for life versus $240 for one year. You will get a better product while saving thousands of dollars.

Adobe allows you to install software on two computers per membership. If you have a third, you have to pay double the price. For Creative Cloud, that's $1200 a year. One purchase through Affinity is for one computer. So the entire suite on three computers comes to $450 for life.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud for ten years is $12,000.

  • Affinity for ten years is $450.

  • Again, not a typo.

Thanks to Affinity's smooth workflow and innovation, Adobe will be pushed to step thier game up for the first time ever, or they will become the second-best. Unfortunately for them, that's too late. It's already happened. Affinity is better than Adobe.

Affinity Publisher version 1.7

Affinity Publisher version 1.7

Affinity’s apps all share the same file format, so they're interchangeable with apps - something Adobe has failed to do - and cannot do. This is because Adobe uses separate formats for each program while on the other hand Affinity programs use one format for all apps.

My last point will be on customer support. Adobe falls short. If you need help, good luck. They don’t care, they don’t want to talk to you, and they put effort into avoiding you. Serif on the other hand is more than willing to help you through multiple methods of contact. You don’t need to go through silly verifications or anything. Just chat with a real person who wants to help. The support you get from them is more than Adobe’s go-to “I will pass this along to my team” line.

Anyway, all this to say I will be leaving Adobe and for the first time ever I will not have any Adobe programs installed on any of my computers. Seriously impressed. In celebration of their latest update, version 1.7, they are taking 20% off the entire Affinity store right now (June 2019). And while you’re at it, I highly recommend purchasing the books from them too! Incredibly helpful!

Not sponsored; just love.