mcdonald's hilariously fired back at burger king


I don’t think McDonald’s could have done any better. Burger King made a silly microsite about branding the McWhopper, but they claimed it was about world peace. There was no clear objective beyond catching some social media attention. 99% of the website was about their branding. It had nothing to do with world peace. It come off as very phony and dishonest. McDonald’s responded perfectly. They just said no, that’s not what we’re about. We sell food and our goal isn’t to create world peace. The truth is Burger King doesn’t give a flying fuck about world peace either. And I think that’s why so many people appreciated the response and and sort of turned against the king. Burger King reinforced that “I care about social issues, but am going to do nothing about it” mentality that we all have.

If the king is suddenly pretending to care about world peace, it makes me question who is the real Burger King? They never cared about it before this week. It’s dishonest. They’re not being honest about who they are and I cannot respect that.

I think it was hilarious for McDonald’s to respond to thousand-dollar advertisements with a short Facebook post. It’s a nice stab back at the king, like “hey, we don’t respect you enough to waste our money on you.” Also, I like the line “perhaps you’ll join us in a meaningful global effort?” It’s yet another stab, because Burger King’s proposal did nothing to benefit world peace. Burger King’s goal was to use the hearts of its customers to promote itself. Disguising your marketing as helping world peace is just in poor taste, you know, like the kind of patty kicked underneath the deep fryer. Although you may initially disagree with their choice, turning them down was in everyone’s best interest.

Burger King’s real intention was probably to show the size difference between a Burger King patty and a McDonald’s patty. But it backfired. Now Denny’s has the same offer to Burger King. I don’t know the size of a Denny’s patty, but they’re probably bigger than the king’s. And this is not a good position for Burger King to be in.