here’s an awesome marketing piece from facebook


Created by Portland advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, the piece was originally posted to Facebook’s YouTube channel — their account was terminated when they started focusing on video on thier own platform.

When I saw this, I was surprised that I haven’t seen it done before for a phone. What I’m talking about is the idea of somebody looking at their phone and what the photo is of appears in the same room as the person. Why hasn’t anybody else ever done an advertisement like that?

I like this one because it challenges those who claim that Facebook interrupts “real-world” moments. It embraces those gadget moments by showing that you are still connecting with somebody socially even though they’re not in the same room or maybe the same country and even though completely different social interaction is simultaneously happening in the room.

And finally, lets be real here. Lets be honest. We’ve all experienced this. So it’s relatable and it’s sort of a joke, like “hey, I’ve totally done that before!” Love it!