everspring by target


Target has launched a new line of eco-friendly household cleaning products, Everspring, that contain fewer chemicals than most of the current market provides, and at a cost of 20% less than similar name brand products. The line will consist of more than 70 products. Cleaners in the line are derived from plants while products like paper towels will be made with recycled or renewable materials.

Everspring by Target
EverSpring by Target

Everspring products will meet the Target Clean standard, which gives products an icon of approval on shelves and online if they were made without chemicals like phthalates, propyl-paraben and butylparaben and sodium laureate sulfates.

Unlike Mrs Meyers cluttered label, Target took a simpler approach, with less copy. I’m absolutely loving the package design. In fact, they’ve solved my biggest complaint about Mrs. Meyers’ products: their labels wrap all the way around product bottles so you can’t see how much remains. Target leaves a gap, so you can check it. Attention to detail. Love it!

Everspring by Target