what is gdpr?

GDPR is a set of internet privacy laws being implemented on May 25th by the European Union. The law is intended to protect the rights of citizens within the European Union, meaning that any website serving their citizens is required to abide by the upcoming changes.


your information

By continuing to view our website, you have consented to our privacy policy, allowing us to collect your personal and technical information. Starting Friday, this is no longer legally binding for citizens of the European Union, rather, they will need to push a button to give consent. Although the former method remains legally binding for those in other jurisdictions, we are giving every visitor equal privacy rights.

We and our service providers may store your personal information in the United States, Europe and Isreal. No matter where it is, kylethale llc and our service providers process and store your information in accordance with industry standards regardless of any lesser legal requirements which may apply in their jurisdiction. Your information is kept with protection and security of the highest concern.

Our tracking technologies are used mostly for performance, security and functionality purposes. You may block or opt-out of tracking through your browser settings or other sources, but doing so may negatively affect the way you experience the website.


steps we’re taking

We have thoroughly researched the new laws, the impact it will have, and the security and privacy methods of which we may use to collect information ;

  1. Turning on ip anonymization. This means the ending digits of your IP address will be changed to 0 before being processed or stored in an effort to prevent your identity from being revealed;

  2. Limiting third-party cookies: we have cut ties with various third-party companies who delivered statistical, marketing, and unclassified cookies through our website;

  3. We are implementing an active consent cookie declaration globally, although annoying, we are acting now before it becomes a requirement in jurisdictions outside of the European Union;

  4. We will provide you with options to withdraw consent to use cookies;

  5. We will maintain records of the consent we gain, personal information we collect, where it came from, and with whom we share it with;

  6. We will disclose your privacy rights as well as information of where you can learn about your rights regarding internet privacy in depth and with whom you may file a complaint;

  7. We will replace technical and legal terminology in our privacy policy with plain English;

  8. We will continue to do everything in our power to protect your data beyond the standards set by governmental agencies.


our goal

kylethale intends to fully comply with GDPR regulations, as required by law, beginning May 25, 2018. The above changes will go into effect within the following week.